Order Manure removal system for a farm on a turnkey basis

Manure removal is one of the most labor-intensive processes in pig production. Modern technologies in manure removal systems help not only to reduce labor costs, maintain hygiene in the pens, but also significantly affect the microclimate in general,by  reducing the level of ammonia in the air. As a result, using a self-alloying system of manure removal, you can not only make your work easier, but also increase the efficiency of the production indicators of your animals. The efficiency of this  system depends on the competent calculation of the number of animals, the volume of the manure channels, the correct angles of inclination and the competent selection of equipment.

It will be interesting for you if...


you need a calculation and correct modeling of the manure removal system


you are looking for a possibility to implement a manure removal system in an existing building

Stages of implementation


Consideration of the application


Identifying problems


Equipment selection


Preparation of a commercial offer


Equipment supply


Installation of equipment