Service maintenance

Technical solutions for the implementation of reconstruction, modernization, construction of livestock farms  (pig complexes, poultry farms, dairy farms) cannot always be performed (correctly and efficiently) by own specialists of the farms.

Our company has a technically competent staff with many years of experience in the agricultural industry, both domestic and foreign, who will help in solving any of your undertakings.

Dahmira specialists provide technical support for all their projects on installation, use, maintenance, repair of equipment supplied by our company.

Supply of equipment

The supply of technological equipment is the main activity of our company. We are always ready to help you in choosing the most suitable quality equipment.

Our technologists, engineers and other specialists will advise you on any issue regarding livestock, poultry and fish farming.

We cooperate with many European manufacturers, so you can always find the equipment you need and get qualified advice from us.


Installation of process equipment is one of our activities.

The company employs high-class specialists in supervised installation and installation of equipment, who will be able to install equipment with high quality and in the shortest possible time.

The company’s employees constantly undergo training at the factories of leading equipment manufacturers in Western Europe, so we will help you install equipment of any complicity.

School of pig breeding


As practitioners, every day you face the  technological issues in production in your field, by trial and error you make decisions that affect your result in a positive or negative way.

We have set ourselves the task of shortening your way from the question to the right solution, which will help you earn more and lose less.

We have prepared for you only important, proven and understandable solutions and mechanisms of work that you can immediately put into practice.

Training from the First Agrarian Knowledge Bank will help you find answers to your questions at every stage of production, because our “arsenal” includes the following courses:

– Insemination and pregnancy of the sow

– Farrowing. Danish technology

– About feed and nutrition

– Growth. Fattening. Replacement young gilt

— Organization and management of the pig farm.

You can find more information about each of the courses on the website of the First Agrarian Knowledge Bank.

Accomplished projects

Group of Companies "DAHMIRA" - modern equipment for pig farms, poultry farms, fish farms, cattle and calves.

DAHMIRA ventilation system

Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv region.

Equipment: Daltec feeding system, Dahmira ventilation system (TPI+Fancome), SLPK-14 partitions, Monoflo drinking system

Installation: Partitions are made of pipes that were hot-dip galvanized after welding of individual sections, which made it possible to avoid areas closed to air movement and create the best microclimate in such a narrow building.

Installation features
DALTEC feeding system

Location: Ukraine, Nikolaev region.

Equipment: Daltec feeding system, Dahmira ventilation system (TPI + CTI + SLPK-14), SLPK-14 panels, Monoflo drinking system

Installation: The air supply was organized through the basement with pre-cooling/heating. Air extraction was organized through the space between the manure level and the concrete slatted floors.

Installation features
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