Breeding pigs in home conditions as a small business

The success of a home raising pig business idea is due to many factors. The first

The reaction of pigs to an increase in temperature

When pigs breathe faster and they begin to wallow in feces, this means that they are

How to choose the equipment? 

At first look , this question may seem quite simple. And this is normal, because pigs

How to choose slat floor for pig farm

The choice and composition of the slatted floor is an important point in production. The main

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Completed projects

Group of Companies "DAHMIRA" - modern equipment for pig farms, poultry farms, fish farms, cattle and small cattle.

Feeding system in insemination

Location: Russia, Ryazan region

Equipment: 50mm Daltec washer cable, 60mm VVM washer chain.

Installation: Addition to the existing feeding line of another feeding line for 21 feeds.

Installation features
Housing equipment DAHMIRA + IKADAN

Location: Ukraine, Vinnitsa region.

Equipment: Daltec Feeding System, Dahmir Ventilation System (TPI+CTI), Dahmira Ikadan panels, Monoflo Drinking System

Installation: The floor difference along the entire length of the building was 600 mm. We made the decision to add turning angles to the feeding system, but to avoid the slope of the feeding line to maintain the level of the horizon and thus get away from the additional load on the line due to the slope. Electric hoppers were installed under the hoppers, which reduced the load on the feeding system and protected it from overloading with feed, making it possible to delay filing.

Installation features
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