How to choose the equipment? 

At first look , this question may seem quite simple. And this is normal, because pigs are animals that can survive in almost any conditions. Therefore, if the aim is to survive, you definitely shouldn’t bother with the nuances, the choice of equipment is much more difficult when it comes to profitability.

The main points that we have to focus on within equipment choice:

– service life (the quality of the material from which the equipment is made);

– ease of use, both for animals and for people;

– the correct arrangement of equipment, regarding  technological processes, so that it does not complicate, but rather simplifies the technological process of production and is used as profitably as possible.


Each section has own criteria/demands for the equipment. For example:

– in the insemination section – it is important that the inseminators have free access for people to the animals for stimulation and insemination;

– gestation section – the choice of equipment and correct plasment affects the effectiveness of tracking abortions and the traumatism of animals;

– in farrowing, every detail is thought out in order to maximally satisfy the needs of two different groups of animals on an island of no more than 5 square meters;

– for weaning and fattening – properly selected equipment will not reduce the potential of ventilation, facilitate the daily review and bypass of the animals by operators and help the animals themselves correctly determine the zoning: where is the rest area, and where is the defecation area, what will keep the animals clean without additional labor costs.

The choice of equipment should always be approached with a calculator in hand, because any investment must have a return period and a % return.

You can’t choose equipment based on the fact that you have seen it with someone and it works somewhere for others. Each production is unique, each production has its own nuances and its own tasks. Therefore, the selection of equipment should be carried out individually, so that it fully meets and satisfies your needs.

Whe main moment when we plan our farrowing pen will be:

– size of the farrowing pen : depending on how much space we have, whether it is a reconstruction or a new building;

– how many farrowing places do we need regarding the  technological process on the farm, since a lack will lead to an early weaning, or lack of time for cleaning and disinfection;

– the placement of the creat – straight or diagonally;

– the choice of the creat  itself – with teeth or a pipe from the bottom, whether restrictive arcs are needed from above or not;

– choice of trough – plastic or stainless, fixed or flexible;

– a house for piglets – where to place it correctly and what is important in the lid itself, because there are so many options on the market.

All elements matter and have their function. There are no absolutely right or wrong options, it is important to choose what you will be comfortable working with and on which you can show good results.


For example, a tipping feeder – to use or not?

On the one hand, this is convenient for cleaning the feeder, but what if you have a partially slatted floor? Pouring the contents of the feeder under the sow is not a good idea.

The next question is how often will you use it, because the remains of feed in the feeders are the result of incorrect adjustment of the feeders, and as a result  that the sow does not eat everything that you gave her. Then it can be better to invest in staff training, and save both on a more expensive version of the machine, and on feed losses.

How to place the crate in the pen?? 

This is also a question with many nuances that need to be taken into account. Taking into account the layout of the floors (plastic for piglets and for the sow, cast iron) or it is partially slotted with a built-in heating system for piglets. According to Danish technology, the crate  is placed at an angle offset to the side, in order to leave maximum space for the piglets, but at the same time not restrict the access of the piglets for feeding from both sides of the sow. This makes it possible to properly organize the space for piglets with an additional dry feeder, makes it uncomfortable for piglets to lie in any other place than on the place of the piglet corner, which in turn reduces the risk of piglets being crushed by the sow.

The main points to take into consideration when choosing the shape of the farrowing crate: 

– so that the crate is not traumatic for workers and for the animal;

– so that it is convenient for the sow, does not restrict her movement when getting up, since by complicating this process, we can influence the reduction in water and feed consumption, which will lead to a decrease in the amount of milk produced;

– and vice versa, the pen must limit the sow at the moment when she lies down, so that the piglets have time to move to a safe distance;

  — the crate  must not restrict the piglets’ access to the sow’s teats. When the sow lies down, the crate should not cover the teats, especially in the early days, because this can be a critical factor in malnutrition and, as a result, the loss of piglets.


You can talk a lot more about the nuances, because, as we know: “the devil is hidden in the details”, so the choice of  equipment should have a complex approach that allows you to unlock the potential of the equipment by 100%, make your investment as profitable as possible, and your work as efficient as possible.

Реализованные проекты

Группа Компаний «ДАХМИРА» - современное оборудование для свинокомплексов, птицефабрик, рыбхозов, КРС и МРС.

Feeding system for fattening pigs

Локация: Ukraine, Nikolaev region.

Оборудование: Dahmira. Daltec

Особенности: In the feeding system, slides of different colors have been installed to make it more convenient and easier for the staff to work.

Особенности монтажа
Ventilation system SLPK-14

Локация: Russia, Amur region

Оборудование: Ventilation system SLPK-14, Multifan

Особенности: Installation and commissioning were carried out in a short 7 days

Особенности монтажа
Maintenance of sows in farrowing and insemination

Локация: Russia, Amur region

Оборудование: Housing equipment SLPK-14. Daltec feeding system. Multifan fans. VVM feeding system for fattening pigs. Microclimate system TPI, CTI, SLPK-14.

Особенности: The production of concrete slotted floors was organized at the client's site.

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