The accounting program helps to analyze the situation in production and make the right decisions, guided by numbers and facts. Many people underestimate the importance of a production program by not prioritizing it. But, as practice shows, it is this tool that helps to save and earn the most.


Cloudfarms is a leading and innovative company that develops modern cloud solutions for all processes related to pork production with a focus on production management, traceability and high-precision pig production.

It will be interesting for you if...


registration errors


lack of data for exact analysis


non-systematic data making what make difficult to analyze


a lot of time to enter data


difficulty in understanding indicators in the analysis

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Program installation


Training to work in the program


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Cloudfarms Solutions

Production accounting

Cloudfarms - Production Accounting is the leading cloud solution for large multi-farm pork producers, commercial, breeding and multi-farm farms.

Precision pig breeding

Cloudfarms - Precision Pig Farming uses state-of-the-art technology to increase the performance of each animal. Through this approach, clients achieve better results.


Cloudfarms - Traceability provides the ability to trace the entire pork production process, from harvest to the product on the store counter.

This makes it possible to understand and solve problems in the production of the product.


Cloudfarms users can rely on the innovative and high-tech capabilities of the team to develop functionality for customer needs.

This brings Cloudfarms closer to customers and is of great value in learning about the industry and customer needs.