Why us?

WE are not engaged in the design of buildings and structures, there are many such specialists, WE work together with Them!

Our knowledge and experience in the field of animal husbandry + THEIR knowledge in the construction of production facilities = YOUR MODERN AND EFFICIENT PRODUCTION!

WE always keep up with the times and cooperate with the best European equipment manufacturers, applying THEIR huge experience and technologies in OUR projects. By involving OUR European partners in the development of projects, WE can guarantee that you will get the best and most optimal solution!

In particular, we cooperate with Danish technologists in pig breeding, and with German technologists in poultry farming.

WE can develop a technological project, both for your existing production areas,

for the reconstruction and re-equipment of old complexes,

and offer YOU a project for the creation of new complexes.

Our offices around the world

Our Partners