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Do you want to build a new turnkey pig farm or reconstruct an existing one?

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Why should the choice be for “DAHMIRA”?

DAHMIRA is a group of companies engaged in the development of technological projects for the organization of efficient production for industrial pig and poultry farms in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries using only modern livestock equipment for this.
Do you have a business plan for a pig farm?
In order to solve the main problems of profitable animal husbandry, we are ready to build a new facility or provide individual services, such as a finished pig farm project and equipment installation.
In the field of development, production, implementation and maintenance of modern solutions for equipping farms, we cooperate with the best European technologists.
DAHMIRA group of companies acts as an implementer of new ideas and approaches to raising pigs, taking into account the traditional and more advanced needs of our customers in its activities.

Pig equipment

The installation of modern equipment makes it possible to ensure high productivity and competitiveness of the pig farm.
For the efficient organization of pig breeding, we cooperate with leading European manufacturers of equipment for pig housing. For your business, we select technologies that allow you to optimize the work of pig farms:

  • pig feeding systems
  • drinking systems
  • heating systems
  • cooling systems
  • manure removal systems
  • feed storage and transportation systems
  • lighting systems
  • microclimate systems
  • ventilation systems
  • housing systems
  • pig farm management systems

Why do clients choose us?

Cooperating with our company, you can be sure of the reliability of the project. We carefully control all stages of the organization of delivery, installation and launch of the facility in order to increase the efficiency of your business.

  • We build on a turnkey basis throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.
  • Warranty for installations and installed equipment.
  • individual working conditions with each client.

Industrial pig farming with the correct organization of the conditions for keeping pigs is a cost-effective livestock farm.
In order to be a few steps ahead of competitors, you need to rely on the experience of world experts and use the best of modern technologies.
Improving quality, reducing costs and increasing profits are the result of a competent organization of the production process.
Our specialists are ready to implement a project of any complexity.
Equipment for pig breeding can now be bought in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan at a bargain price from a warehouse in our company.
Effective organization of your business is our priority!