We provide consulting support.

We have a variety of in-house and freelance professionals that we bring on board when needed. All these people are experts, professionals with extensive practical experience.





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Top questions our clients ask us:

– setting up production management;
– installation of an accounting program in production and training of employees in all the subtleties of working in it. You will be able to use the program’s capabilities at 100%;
 – analysis of production and provision of possible options for solving the main problems: deserts, mortality, weight gain, safety, etc.;
–  solution of any technical issues with equipment and system adjustment;


We conduct both face-to-face consultations with a visit to your production site, as well as online consultations.


We are interested in our clients receiving maximum information and knowledge that will help them in practice. We believe that the success of our clients is our success. 


Having extensive consulting experience and understanding what problems customers face in production every day, in 2020 we decided to launch the First Agrarian Knowledge Bank educational platform. Farmers from the following countries have already completed training in our online school: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova. Reviews from those who have taken courses with us speak for themselves.

You need advice on pig production if...


You having difficulty managing a pig farm


You can not find an approach to employees


You want to better understand the workflow in a pig farm

Implementation stages


Application study


Manager contacts you


Choosing a meeting time


Conducting an initial assessment


Solution Selection


Consulting support

We offer several options for cooperation:
- A one-time visit to the farm with an analysis of indicators.
- Focused work on a specific goal in production (for example, increasing the percentage of insemination) or a specific site (setting up the technological process at farrowing).
- Remote advisory work in a package.
- Setting up an accounting system in production by installing the CloudFarm accounting program.

The cost, timing and our actions may vary depending on the tasks you set


School of pig breeding

"Personnel decides everything"

- Courses "School of pig breeding" - a way to train your employees, give them a theoretical base and practical knowledge for work in production.
- The courses are based on many years of practical experience of our experts and built in such a way that after passing you will be able to immediately apply the acquired knowledge in your workplace.
- Training takes place in the format of live online webinars.
- Throughout the course, you receive constant feedback from the lecturer.
- Homework is provided to help you better understand the material and immediately apply the information received in your work.
- At the end of the course you will receive a diploma or certificate, depending on the number of points scored.
- You can familiarize yourself with the list of courses here.


Our specialists

Natalia Slipets

- Experience in pig breeding more than 15 years;
- The path from a student trainee to a manager on a pig farm in Denmark - 96 months;
- Designed and launched more than 15 facilities in the CIS;
- Experience in developing technological projects for the Danish manufacturer of pig breeding equipment Ikadan - 5 years

Alexander Tereshko

- Practical experience in industrial pig breeding more than 10 years (from the head veterinarian of the STK to a technologist-consultant);
- Internship/practice/visiting advanced farms in Denmark (1.5 years), Belgium, Poland, Russia in order to study and exchange work experience;
- Consulting, technical support - from pig farms to large agricultural holdings.

Benoit Gaudin

- Experience in pig breeding more than 20 years;
- Technological support of pig farms in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, China, Canada, and other countries;
- Provision of consulting and auditing services for various companies in pig breeding complexes;
- Work to reduce production costs on the breeding farms of the company "France Hybrid" (cost reduction by 18.5%).