DAHMIRA ventilation system

Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv region.

Equipment: Daltec feeding system, Dahmira ventilation system (TPI+Fancome), SLPK-14 partitions, Monoflo drinking system

Installation: Partitions are made of pipes that were hot-dip galvanized after welding of individual sections, which made it possible to avoid areas closed to air movement and create the best microclimate in such a narrow building.

We installed and assembled turnkey equipment in the fattening building 88×9.6 meters, for 1000 heads. The list of supplied equipment included:

  • partitions;
  • feeders;
  • feed distribution system with silos;
  • drinkers in the pens;
  • microclimate system with Fancom control.

Completed projects

Group of Companies "DAHMIRA" - modern equipment for pig farms, poultry farms, fish farms, cattle and small cattle.

Feeding system for fattening pigs

Location: Ukraine, Nikolaev region.

Equipment: Dahmira. Daltec

Installation: In the feeding system, slides of different colors have been installed to make it more convenient and easier for the staff to work.

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Ventilation system SLPK-14

Location: Russia, Amur region

Equipment: Ventilation system SLPK-14, Multifan

Installation: Installation and commissioning were carried out in a short 7 days

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Maintenance of sows in farrowing and insemination

Location: Russia, Amur region

Equipment: Housing equipment SLPK-14. Daltec feeding system. Multifan fans. VVM feeding system for fattening pigs. Microclimate system TPI, CTI, SLPK-14.

Installation: The production of concrete slotted floors was organized at the client's site.

Mounting Features
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